HGL Light Reco for my 2x2

Hello all, closing in on completing my first grow in a 2x2 tent. I, like many I presume, jumped right in with a “kit” from Amazon which doesn’t always have optimized components. I am currently using a Mars Hydro TS-1000 light. It has served me well thus far. Am toying with the idea of getting a second 2x2 tent to run as a veg tent. I will likely stick to a 2x2 tent with one plant each grow. I am probably 3 weeks out from drying my current grow and wanted to start a new seedling soon to maximize grow time. Hence a small veg tent.

So I was looking at the HGL 135 for my flower tent and just move the TS-1000 to the “veg” tent. Just looking for confirmation that the HGL is a step up from the Mars I have now. Any feedback welcomed!!

Personally I’d keep the Mars light but it depends what other one is like

Any reason why you say that?

Yes the hlg 135 rspec will be an upgrade from the TS1000. Much better diodes and has deep reds that the ts1000 doesn’t have.


The Mars are in my opinion one of the best lights out there. For vegging if us a blurple with veg option on

Would the HGL 260 be way overkill for 2x2? Like I said I’ll likely remain in a 2x2 but have entertained going to a 2x4 at some point. I know 260 would not be overkill for 2x4 but wondering how overkill it would be in 2x2 in the event I never go bigger.

Yeah, too much for a 2x2. If you ever bump up to a 2x4 you can get another 135. That way you have more flexibility by being able to raise or lower the lights independently. I have 6 or 7 135 kits. Bspecs for veg, rspecs for flower and some older 3000k and 3500k boards.


Thanks mate. Appreciate the input.

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Yes, perfect light for a 2x2 tent, and move the Mars to veg, good plan. The HLG 135 rspec is a much superior light to the Mars TS1000, more power, more light, much better for flowering.