Hey what u think ...?


Love those colors.


Should you stop feeding nutes when there amber?


Absolutely! You should already have started flushing by then.


yes, flush,cure and puff.


Thx for yall inputs. appreciated :+1:. So yea I’ve been following u guys advice .I’m letting her “cook” a lil longer to where I want trichromes to be. I also stopped feeding her 3+ wks ago . Thx again everyone n I will post another update pics tonight see where I’m at with trichromes



this is what I aim for with my trichomes :man_farmer:


@James68 do u wait til it’s like that towards the bottom of the bud? I know the top of bud mature s quicker. Thx for ur help :v:


I start harvesting on a daily basis when they show colour… it does start showing at the top of the plant first, but forensically eyeball your buds and get to know what is maturing fastest.
Get get your confidence up and take a sample and see if it nails you to the ceiling or floor…you have come a long way in producing this pot so have a blast and trust your inner Ganja Mojo :man_farmer:



more homework for you :man_farmer:


Thx I’ll save the info👍. I chopped her down yesterday. Hung it whole. No trim


the blue is fabric on bottom could not remove because roots stuck.


I flushed yesterday some are Amber some milky none clear any more. How many weeks left to I think? not bad for my first try. Thanks everyone for the help. You :guitar: guys rock. More pics.coming soon. @garrigan65 @latewood @James68 @blackthumbbetty @MattyBear thanks @irma1010 :beer: cheers


I can’t really tell from that pic. Can you get one of the trichomes?


How many wks of flowering so far?




If you just started to flush; I would use plain water ph’d appropriately
for another 2 weeks. Happy growing :slight_smile: