Hey, thanks ILGM!

Ordered two ten packs of seeds (420 deal) on 4/19/20 received emails everyday letting me know the status of the order. I received an email this morning (4/23/20) to expect a package and sure enough in the mailbox they are! Unbelievable service during a time like this, you guys rock Team ILGM! Have a great week and smoke a fatty for all of us :metal:


@ILGM.Support this one is for you!


Just to comment that we are Very Happy with our GG #4 ILGM seeds, with 100% Germination.
In our country (SudAmerica), we do not have special substrates, we only use soil from the garden and worm humus (solid and liquid), in our small pots.
Many Thanks & sorry for bad english
Congratulations … Great & Big Job