Hey quick question about checking trichrome


I’m getting close to harvest and I was wondering how do I go about checking the trichomes on the actual bud. The top of the bud is 50-50 Amber and milky but when I check in the middle of the bud it’s all milky I’m looking for 30 -50 Amber / milky so should I wait till the middle of the bud is half Amber and half milky to harvest it?


totally up to you, shes ready. can you take a pic and post it


Top of bud


Middle of bud



The middle is almost all cloudy despite no amber. The very top will always be a little more ripe. I think she’s ready.


(Gold leaf)She’s turned 9 wks of flowering today . Should I wait it out 1 more wk?


There’s a lot of amber on the top, so it really depends on what kind of effect you want. If you want couch-lock then yes, give her another week. If you want a more energetic high then cut her down now.


i go for 1 more week, my preference.


oh, and start your flush :+1:


Thx for y’all expertise… I will wait 1 more wk. I started flushing her bout 2 wks ago .


Absolutely beautiful looks like you’re ready to dry it and smoke it I hopefully you can stay out of it when you’re able to cure it so you can really enjoy the full potential


O boy o boy o boy :eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes: shew wee looking ripe! Hard work looks like it’s paid off congrats!


"It’s easier said than done ":fearful::sob:


Lmao thanks can’t wait…