Hey! I'm new here!


I am happy to be a part of this cyber community.
This is my first grow. I used seed from a bag of weed. I used some potting soil and had LED lamps (from Wally World) that cost me about $6 each (one table lamp used when it was just a baby! and the others to make more light (used with aluminum foil). Transplanted my baby in a 3-4 gallon pot. She (being positive) has been doing well. I then purchased two new LED bulbs (1100 lumens ea) and add them to my clamp on cheap lamps.
I feed her Miracle Grow, Molasses, baking soda and Epson salt.
Today I decided to begin the flowering stage.
I have never attempted to grow my own but I’m excited to see how well I do!
I wish I could upload pics! I actually began reading the free guide from Robert Bergman!!
I am excited to improve my new skills.
I do have a question…how long is the “flowering” stage?
Once you harvest do you just trash your plant(s) or do they continue to produce?
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Welcome to ILGM. Best place to learn from great people.

U can upload pics if u hit reply and in the bottom right corner click on the up arrow. That will help answer your questions.


The flowering stage is usually 8-10 weeks, or longer depending on strain.




You can probably lower your CFLs, they do best within 3 inches or so of the plant, as long as you ca. Keep your hand in between and not get burned, it works for the pla t.


Also what is that grate that you have on there?


Welcome aboard.
Apparently you’re somewhat familiar with the plants based on what we see. Everything looks good. Congratulations and welcome


They don’t get very hot and today I added a light strip (grow light with blue/red) and put my “grid” over it to start it growing upward. The lights will be moved lower in the morning. Thanks!


The slots in the grate might be too small to try and grow the plant through, if that is in fact what you’re trying to do.


I didn’t know what to use to ‘web’, wire or trellis (horizontally) so I am using a rack I found in my garage. It hang over so I can maintain it.
Bad idea??


In my opinion in yea using that would be a bad idea. I think the slots are a bit too small, you want to try for 2" squares or so.


there are no square but about 1.5 inch apart…that too small? Don’t know what else to use.
My plant is currently on 2 milk crates (was on 4). and lower/raise as needed. Do I need to use something different?


I did some research…didn’t want to invest $ until I felt I could do it successfully.


You could definitely try it, but you’re plant is going to start budding, and the slots could potentially limit the size and how they grow, if they dont fully grow through it. I am trying to think of something else you could use, but without making something I cant really think of much. You can use the milk crates that is fine,


I think I have to agree here. Altho I have never used the netting. I do have some and will be using it shortly. Looking at my plants/ The issue I see with the screen is it leaves your plants no real room to move or grow outwards. It seems like it is going to keep every thing tight making light that much harder to get into the bud sites. I could be wrong though.


I’d take her bra off and let her run free. Sometimes an even canopy is not always a great winner. Just try to keep her spread


I used cfls for my first grow. It worked but my yield was smaller than I wanted. You’re doing great so far, but, you need a better light. Almost every day Amazon has lightning deals on lights. I use strictly roleadro lights. But going to upgrade to cmh light soon as I get the extra $ here’s what I got going on right now


Sweet plant. Did you only LST it?


Top and lst. I have 6 main branch’s on her


That is crazy. Now I know what I have to learn next :grin: