Hey I'm a new grower in LA looking for an in person mentor within the area... I'

Sounds good, can’t wait to see further progress my friend

Happy new year buddy!!

U too man

Did/do you know who the strain you are growing was bred by

Nah… Mystery kush imma name it after my buddy that just passed parker… Rip my dude

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Sorry to hear bud, in rememberance to your friend we’ll get you a nice big plant going with some big beautiful results

is she still doing alright?

Yea, she is alright she will look like that for the first few days until she starts taking in the nutrients already in the soil (natural nutirents). Once she starts getting a little older and she will start pulling in the nice lush green color, about 2-3 days she should pull some nice growth in as well as color, she appears to have a nice healthy stem :smile:

That’s good though I’m glad your checking in and asking questions, as you learn a hell of a lot more when you ask questions rather than by trial n error lol

Yeah thanks for being attentive dude

Hey not a problem I seen your post within the first minute it was there and I jumped on it, and just so happen to be the first to reply, and you were asking for a personal mentor and now here we are, I’ll answer any question you have for me that’s for sure and I’ll answer pretty soon. I’m usually here 18 out of 24 hours a day or pretty close to it haha

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