Hey guys, new grower here and would love some guidance, help, and support on my current & new grows

Hello growers and i’m connoisseurs, my name is 3ill. I’m starting my second grow in a 4x4x7 Grow tent. Sporting the MarsHydro TSW2000 & Phlizon Cre Cob 3000w.(900watt lights in total)
So far I’m in week 4 and 2 for my 5 plants and all the help and suggestions would be much appreciated. My goal is to at least end up with 1.7–2 grams per watt.
I still kind’ve new. So spotting deficiencies and surpluses or things like potting size and veg time, still has a learning curve.

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Thanks for the read


Looking good! New grower myself.


Love the name!


Good luck on your grow and if you need a follow, lmk

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What genetics are you runnin?