Hey guys need a little help trying to figure out a problem with my plant

Please and thank you guys a little more info on my grow area it’s a 4x4 gorilla grow tent I’m using the MLH spectrum king 100a LED cree diodes. 24 inches away from canopy level like company suggest. Also have 8inch inline fan with carbon filter exhausting out,humidifier keeping the humidity at 50+ RH, Heat with light on is around 73° to 75°. I currently watered about 4 hours ago with R/O water ph was at 6.6 after I put 5ml of calmag per 1gal of water like bottle suggest along with some Recharge 2.5 ml per gal of water. The soil ph was around 6.3 “before I watered and equaled out the soil ph to 6.5” today. I am using fabric pots as well. So wondering if I corrected the problem by fixing the soil ph or am I missing something ? Please help Thanks! Grow :muscle:

What nutes are you using?

6.3 to 6.6 pH shouldn’t be a problem. It’s possible it could be overwatered. How often are you watering? Letting the soil dry out between waterings?

I haven’t ran no nutes yet. Because I been using purple cow indaganja. Said it don’t need no feeding the first few weeks. I am going to run a tea with work castings and molasses maybe add some more “P” “K” idk yet. I have a purple cow compost mixed 2 to 1 ratio with the purple cow indaganja. This is also my first time running this kind of soil. Thanks again for your input

@MidwestGuy I was thinking the same thing but I don’t for sure. I think I might have watered to soon thinking it’s the ph out of range and tried to get it back in the sweet spot of 6.5. Like I said I watered yesterday and haven’t watered for 2 days I believe but the medium seemed a lol moist still just thought I was having ph issued but idk man…thank again

The indicanja soil by itself is supposed to be able to grow seed to harvest. I take it you also added the PC compost to the base Indicanja too? When you say 2:1 mix which is which and how did you mix it before planting in it?

Looks like you are wanting to love her too much …water less don’t feed extra nutrients except maybe a good tea in place of normal watering unless during flower you start noticing a deficiency.

I just used a bag of indicanja by itself with none of their compost added as the soil itself is supposed to be sufficient from seed to harvest water only. The soil PH was about 6.7 or so before planting my clone.

Please go to their web site and read everything on there so you’ll have a better understanding of their methods they suggest.

Less is more

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@Skydiver Yea my hydrostore owner in my area filled me in on this new soil. He informed me that he ran this purple cow indaganja all the way to first week of flower and top dressed with the purple cow compost and water with a tea with molasses and he gave me fish fertilizer from (Neptune harvest) 2-4-1 and liquid Fish from( Maxi Crop )5-1-1 with (Mother Earth) Heavy Brix Molasses to add. I really appreciate the help and I will just just run like I stated above with the top dress being the compost and water in some teas with these nutes? Idk what you think about that ? Also I will gain more knowledge about purple cow on there website shortly thank you ten fold brother grow :muscle:

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@RandomlyRan I’m not using any nutes right now because the soil i’m using is said to go a full run from start to finish with minimal nutes added.

Happy to help.
What the guy at the store did was make a bigger sale…in my opinion and I could be wrong. I’ll find out with this clone as I’m only going to water using RO water and an occasional tea brew. Because of the lights I’m using I may need to supplement additional calcium later in the grow but I’ll find that out then.
I spoke with the guy who developed the soil a couple weeks ago and he didn’t mention any of that and we spoke about things for 20 minutes or more. The PC compost is more for re amending the original soil after a grow to use it again is what he told me.

By all means do what your planning on and let us know how it goes…grows and I will be posting on my journal how mine is doing as well. Maybe the store owner was right?

Those clay balls you have on top will help retain water much longer than without so just make sure she is dry enough before watering again.
I use straw as a mulch and it reduces water evaporation a lot so I don’t have to water as often. When the plants mass (size) is small it uses less water and as she gets bigger she will use more and more so your watering frequency will increase either using more at a time or more often but when small uses less etc.
Indicanja was designed to, by itself, grow from seed to harvest using one bag per plant without having to add anything else to it unless you ran the vegetative stage longer than normal.


@Skydiver. Ok ok I truly believe he upsold me on some of this stuff since he knows I’m not as knowledgeable as he is. He seen I was wanting something different from FFOF lol. On another note…so you don’t use calmag with every watering using the R/O system? Mannnn did I need this help on this soil brother lol. I went in blind on this soil and thank you weed GODs you can help,and you are doing a run of your own. I’m new to this chat and forum or whatever, but I truly appreciate the help.I don’t think I can stress that enough lol sorry… I planted 5 clones from a buddy one died and I have 4, all different strains! That I don’t have a glue what they are lol. But I jus couldn’t let those girls get thrown away lol. So I took them in and decided to try purple cow indaganja. I planted all 4 in jus purple cow indaganja I bought 2 bags of the size you showed me you got and planted 4. 3 in 1 gal buckets and 1 in a 5 gal bucket. I’m saying that because what I have left of the indaganja is what I just mixed the purple cow compost in. So I will use that when I transplant into 5gal pots jus hope its not tooo much for the plant? Also I tried to run a run from seeds, but the roots died once I put the seed into the soil after jus a couple days. I put the seed into the soil after the root was a half inch long from the moist paper towel added a little water and 3 days later only 1 seed made it out alive lol. I don’t know what happened? I thought the soil was to much for the seedling? Just thought I would get your input on that lol. Sorry so long jus hard to find someone using this same soil for weed lol thanks…Hey sorry i wrote this yesterday but i reached a limit on messages yesterday so I am sending it now lol. Grow :muscle: