Hey guys, just wondering if everything was fine with my plant

Hi, i’m a first time grower, ran into some weather problem, that forced me to go from outdoor to indoor when the plant was 15cm tall, i had to use a small 100w full spectrum LED grow light enough for a plant, then added a couple of days later a full spectrum 165w LEDs grow light.
Now the plant is about 56cm tall, 2nd week of flowering. 12/12 light cycle. Plant is about 1.5month old.

thanks for reading so far, any help is appreciated ^^


@cristoner, First let us Welcome you to ILGM.
That plant needs to be transplanted I to a biger pot as soon as you can .
Or you’ll not get any where here full potential.


thanks for the warm welcome garrigan ^^
ok will put that in my buy list. :slight_smile:

Good deal …and your welcome


More light.

Hi cristoner, yep transplant asap. When you do this try going to a three gallon container. Do not put the plant any deeper than she already is - so same height in new container 56 cm. make sure she is very well watered during the process. and keep her out of strong light for a day.
Things to consider now
Is she going back outside? If so how does the daylight schedule line up with the inside schedule. She is liable to hermie if not aligned.
Take the base of the plant and and pluck the leaves off that are non beneficial - I see two stems branching off from the main, leave them but everything else pluck in the first 10 cm. You need air to be able to move around all parts of the plant. Including the base.
Using a pair of scissors cut the parts you want to remove about a cm from the stem. You especially don’t want leaves touching the soil.
If your going to stay inside with her apply an bug strategy. If going outside you probably don’t need to worry about it.
Give here a week to recover. This is what I would do.

I’m afraid this will have to do for another month, kinda short on money :-/

Hi jeffro,

I’ll see what i can do about the container, because my plant is in a closet, i can’t use a too much bigger pot sadly, i just realised that after i said i would to garrigan :-/ i could but i would need to train the plant to go sideway. Its pbly too late for this?

I don’t think i’m gonna put her bck outside, it has been raining for the last 3 weeks, and the forecast for the next few days aren’t that great im afraid.

What do you recommend for a bug strategy? (sticky paper?)

Thanks for the info Jeffro


Hi, You may not have bugs. Going from outside to inside increases the probability. Rain isn’t bad when your in veg, if its not too cold or hot/humid, unfortunately your plants look like they are 3 weeks or so into flower. A tough time to be moving them around.
Next time leave them outside. I grow my plants in Washington state USA. We get a lot of rain. If there is a sustained run of low temps (50’s) with rain then I move them to a dry sunny area but still outside. Often in August we get a week of cold weather. It can wipe out our tomatoes and marijuana. Its a disease called late blight. I cant finish them outside because that is usually late Sept - October and the buds will rot because of temp and rain.
So I usually let them start flowering and through the stretch then bring them inside to finish. This saves me $ and protects my plants.
I have been growing like this for several years after being an inside grower many years.
I say you are best continuing what your doing. I think you have done your best.
If she hermies finish her out and try using the seeds which will all be female. And try again. If she does not hermy then you will get at least something to smoke.
we are all learning, therefore progressing and not losing.
I hope I’m helping you.
Best Regards


I feel ya! That’s one of the reasons I’ll never give up my outdoor grow. Gonna try indoor next year(should be able to come up with lights by then) but I’ll always be outside.

hey, yeah the plant is in her 2nd week of flowering stage, its a purple haze. I think I will leave her in the closet just in case she gets stressed. i live in New zealand, winter is coming :smiley:

For the light as i can’t get any extraction air i have to stick with LED, temp room is around 22-24°C

Also i bought some dyna grow and bloom. but not too sure if i should put some since there’s already some nutrients in the soil when i bought it at the store. i have yet to buy the ph tester as well.

I bought a slightly bigger container, will post a pic when i transplant her ^^
it’s always nice to hear from other growers, it helps a lot i think :wink:



yeah i wasn’t suppose to go indoor for at least another 3 weeks, when i moved her, which was really too soon for my wallet lol

Also if anyone knows if this LED diode, is it working or not :confused: it seems like its not working but the seller insisted that it IS working and because its a full spectrum LED, its normal that one LED diode looks that way ? I.R? U.V ?

I’m not sure about the light but @MacGyverStoner could answer that one for ya.
Glad you got a bigger pot she’ll do so much better

B Safe

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Yes, the one that kind of looks like a black light is probably the UV and the other that doesn’t show any light is probably the far IR, that neither our eyes nor the camera can “see” that part of the light spectrum.

Happy growing,


awesome i guess i won’t need to buy another lamp just yet :smiley:
the seller couldn’t tell me which led was the U.V didode, because its a random setup for each lamp :confused:
thx for your time Macgyverstoner ^^


A small update since i changed the container ^^

I wasn’t able to change the soil (noob mistake mg soil…), for my tallest plant, beside the new soil when i changed the pot. Dunno how to correct that mistake for the rest of flowering stage though, any though ?other 3 won’t happen again.

This plant has the same age as the the one on top, topping was done by my rabbit. I was pissed at him at first but now kinda glad he did it lol

Both of them same age (+2month old, 3rd week of flowering), same strain (purple haze, not auto), germinated the seed at same time, dunno why the difference in height (topping maybe ?)

Both when they were kids, taken on the 30/03/16

White Widows auto from ilgm, 3rd week.

Let me know if there’s anything i should know, any info is appreciated ^^
More lights to come by next month. :wink:

Why the leaves are going up? @garrigan62 @jeffro @yoshi @FloridaSon

nvm found out its a good sign

Yeah they stretching for the light , so you might want. To lower your light system to 18 inches - 26 inches .