Hey guys ive got something new for you

I use a eye dropper i fill one side then put the cap on the tablet. I did 40 tablets in two minutes

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Trying to picture it. Do you know exact amount of thc?? Curious

There roughly about 35-40mgs of thc in each tablet.they work quite well they give u a nice high and they help with pain and sleep


Wow good buzz! Thats awesome. Thanks for another possibility!

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I have three bottles of this oil i made

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How much us that

I have two 500ml bottles and a one litre bottle or it might be the three bottles make up a litre bottle

Wow ! So is one mg of the oil the same. As 1mg thc?

Yah as far as i know

Meant ml.but thanks very very cool

Have you tried them

Yah i have thats how i know they are good for pain and sleep they give u a nice high and it slowly comes on you feel it around ur eyes first and then u feel so relaxed. I make gummies and cookies aswell. I made a mistake before i have two bottles that are 250 mls each and one that is 500mls

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Thanks man very ciool stuff!! I dig these conversations sooo much more than “are my plants ready” cheers!


Hey @Newt ur good at working out the potency of infused goodies i have a litre of infused oil it has half oz of GG and half ounce of purple lemonade both strains are high in THC with combined THC it comes to 35% THC and theres 28349.5 mgs of thc in a ounce could you please help me with working out the math as im not good at math please. Want to work out how much will be in each tablet i made

Hey guys i had two of those tables i made today and they are the bees knees the ducks nuts they hit hard

Best I can do is point you here:

@Caligurl may be better able to help.

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Thanks bro how ya been i havent seen u on here much

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@Caligurl i was wondering if you can help me with finding out how much thc per tablet i made a MCT oil infusion i use one litre of MCT oil and a ounce of flower now theres 28349.5 mgs in a ounce and the combination of GG and purple lemonade mixed there was half ounce of each that went into this oil so total thc is around 35% between the two

I’m as fine as frog’s hair, thanks for asking! And you, my friend?

Yah im not to bad brother ive been a bit sick with long covid and chest infection and stuff but im on the mend.ive got a blue widow photoperiod and a XL kush auto going now im growing in coco coir and using Nimbin nutrients Australia

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