Hey guys and gals.... how much longer?


what do you think guys… this is my first bag seed grown till i do my ilgm wwa… how much longer till harvest?


I still see lots of white pistils, so I’d say at least another 2 weeks



Nice bro looking sweet
Hard to say I by watching the tricombes
And it’s a personal preference how much amber you want more amber more couch lock
Milky more of a head high


Looks amazing.Very big plant.


thanks guy
… country, I want to be blown away,. so I guess more amber then… so Amber trichomes can be seen with the naked eye or do I need some sort of magnifying lense to see them


I see your over watering them let them go for 4 days with out water. They are laying down.


It’s looking very nice right now… but I would still give it at least 2 more weeks… you still have a lot of white pistils , which means it still wants to grow …so I might push it a little bit further , maybe 3 more weeks… but at least 2 weeks and that’s just me …looks good though brother… keep it going…



You’ll need a jewelers loop min 20x mag but more mag is better and yes more amber more couch lock @Edward7983
Sorry for late response bro
And I agree with @peachfuzz it will be a few more weeks before your ready
I would try 50/50 amber / milky
And see how you like it then next grow you can adjust more either way
I like mine a little darker for night time smoke
But I did harvest one of my plants when all milky so I can have a day time smoke


ill try to refrain from watering till atleast sunday night…thanks soil


ill definitely get a 20x mag…can i harvest a small portion when its 50/50, then do a final harvest when the trichs are more amber?..all i know is im ready to plant my ilgm wwa seeds after this reggie run


iam gonna chime in here and say you have 3-4 weeks yet to get a full yield from those girls .



I have plenty of time… thanks hammer


I would recommend a 60×240 time zoom you can get them on Amazon for $10-$100 but I get one with at least 60 to 160 is what I have and it works perfect and I think I paid 12 bucks on Amazon but I’m blind as a bat two and I 20 x is not enough for me


Hahaha I have a 60-120 my self cause I can get a general idea of color with my 20x but my eyes suck and are getting worse every year so I had to up grade lol :joy: joys of getting older :+1: