Hey gang o greenthumbs anyone have the down low on repurposing soil?

I would like to know if it would be a good idea to re-use ffof n happy frog soil in addition I received a free bag of mushroom compost nitrogen .30 phosphoric acid .03 soluble potash .03 to mix in to use soil any thoughts?

I’ve heard of it being reused for vegetables. :+1:

If you do a complete flush the soil is pretty much inert. So amending it with compost, dolomite, earth worm castings etc and then “cooking” it in a bin or composter for 30+days should make it useable for cannabis or anything else.
I haven’t done it yet but I am researching. That ffof gets expensive if you just toss it after each grow.


@Drinkslinger I will try a mixture I have a mountain have not started a journal but expect one soon

@Hogmaster n @latewood n @countryboyj chime in please

I have reused my soil
Its a good idea to flush your soil prior to reusing
To ensure you get rid of any built up nutrients in soil
I would buy new seed starter soil tho
Would be a good idea to slurry test the soil as well to get starting ph and ppm numbers if you reuse

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I reuse all of my soil. I re-ammend it by dumping it in the compost pile and mixing it thoroughly with the rich compost… I then leave it sit for a season and reuse it next year. never had any issues to worry about so far. Good luck with your grow.