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I need to get 2 clones off my girl, I have rooting hormone powder. The mother is 1st day of flower. What is the easiest way I do have airstone and pump if that helps? Please help


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Thanks gotta try something or might not be a next time for a minute


I’ve use a mix of perilite and vermiculite 50/50 mix as suggested by @Majiktoker when I was researching it
Take a cutting cut stem in a 45 degree angle
You’ll need to carfully shave off the outer skin just the very first layer of the cutting
dip in rooting powder or gel then place in mix water and keep moist :+1:
Simple easy cost effective
You can also set up a bubble cloner with a storage tote and Air stone :+1: @Sirsmokes


@Sirsmokes You need to wait till mom is at 3 weeks in flower to take those clones. There is no rush!


I love monster cropping @bob31 woohoo


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@Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31
So you say 3 weeks of flower do you mean 3 weeks after flipping to a 12/12 or 3 weeks after the preflower stage


Monster cropping is what I was talking about… I get it and super cropping confused


Thanks for the info @Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31 @TDubWilly appreciate you guys taking a minute to educate me!!


Flowering begins when you get pistils. So usually after changing to 12/12 it takes a week to two weeks to see pistils, that is when flowering begins.


Ok I counted 15 days as preflower so I have been I’m flower for a good week week and a half


I took two monster crop clones two weeks after I changed the light schedule. @Sirsmokes those are some healthy crazy looking plants, that are going to fill in beautifully. So many preflowers already, with trichomes all over even the fan leaves. She’s a little wilty, but I watered her today…


Ok so will these be good canidate @Covertgrower @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971


This is why I think she will be a great mother

So many bud sites she’s so bushy should I thin some leaves in the middle so light can penetrate


How did you clone her


absolutely. Anything low that isn’t going to become a full size bud is fine! @Sirsmokes


I will most likely be taking clones tonight I got my indoor garden going tons of green beans and broccoli and and the wHite stuff I can’t spell lmao


white stuff? Cauliflower? whew thank you spell check!