Hey all need help with uvb

Hey guys its me again, so im coming up on week 3-4 of my first indoor grow , i have some pics here ( blurple light unfortunately) but i tried illuminating the issue ( browned pistills) so im running coco dtw 2 Bruce banner #3 on each end, 1 gorilla glue #4 in the middle ( gg4 is a bit ahead of the bb3s , i think due to its smaller size).
so its end of week 3 almost amd i decided to kick in my uvb t5’s , now i know the main advice is to stay simple and add these things as you become more confident, but km a quick study and for the most part my additions have paid off, mainly because i work at home and literally study all if this all day every day lol,
well i added my uvb and this would be my first mess up lol, for starters i gave myself a wicked sunburn , I decided to adjust them while they were on like an idiot i had a long sleeve on but my wrists were exposed and my sunglasses werent uv rated so i gave myself welders flash, thay sucked, being foolhardy i kept them on my 12/12 schedule with my 2 bestva dc 4000’s for the first day , until about 8 hours later i read that was not recommended so i went and shut them off , but too late apparently, i got a sunburn and some of my babies pistills had been dyed light brown , i know its hard ro see but id say the top 4 heads on every kola is 60/40 white tan now, further inspection showed my trichomes are fine , so my question is,
Did i ruin my week 9 yeilds? Should i just stop using these uvb lights for good?
Is there a schedule i can adopt that wont cause light light burn and pistill browning?
How do my plants look for week 3-4 for a newb?
I also just stopped my co2 enrichment for flower, i was going through co2 far faster then most do it seemed

my specs are
running sensi bloom coco ab
humbolt secrets tree trunk sillica addative until week 4
humbolt secrets golden tree until week 7
an bud factor x until week 7
an b52 week 4 -7
an nirvana week 3-7
humbolt secrets flower stacker week 3-6
an overdrive 5-7
yucca wet - entire grow
an sensizym week 2-7
running 7.5 gal oxy pots
plants were mainlined then scrogged
flower temps are 78 f/ 49% humidity
my 2 bestva 4000 lights are running both veg and flower spectrums i ran co2 at 800 ppm from veg week 5-8 and flower ppms at 1500 week 1-4

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Anyone? Im nervous these browned pistills and the top couple sugar leave layers are slightly cupped , i know how sensitive flower phase is and i am hoping to have a yay or nay on whether that was enough to kill my yield on its own

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I dont know for sure but tag one of the ILGM guys or an experienced grower,probably nobody has seen this yet.

@dbrn32 Youve helped a few times i have shots of my flowers in week 5 they seem a bit thin for week 5 idk if my overdose of uvb did it or if their normal for week 5 any help or shoutouts to someone whos well versed in this subject would be greatly appreciated!:slight_smile:

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I think your plants look pretty good, but scrolling through pics i also see what you’re talking about. You are running 2 bestva 4000’s in what size space? I don’t really know this is your issue, but light density will be huge factor in final yeilds.

Those colas look awfully leafy too. More leaves will lead to less canopy penetration and therefore less bud development as you go down colas. Your screens don’t look as full as I would typically expect either. Did you do heavy strip after transition? I’m wondering if plants maybe weren’t trying to develop a lot more bud sites and they were stripped away?

Yep im running 2 bestva 4000s in a 4 x 8 space filled with 3 plants 2 bruce banner 3 , 1 gorilla glue 4 in the middle , the gg4 is smaller and seemingly further developed.
These are mainlined but scrogged as well, i did do a decent bottom trim of smaller sites after transition,
as far as the foliage on the kolas and other sites i can do a defoliation if that would help, i burned them after my uvb incident at like the worst time so i gave them a week of calm ti recover in case the damage was more serious than i could see but their looking healthy again for the most part the white pistills buds seems to be fattening again so i think i could defoliate if u recommended, the middle gg4 seems ti be quite furrher along , according to my journal in definitely 3 days inti week 5

  • 3 days into week 5 , both strains have flower time of 53 to 65 days should i continue and defoliate and hope for more advancement in bud size and start lowering nutes at the end of week 7 ?


If/when you can afford to get some better lighting would probably help you out quite a bit. That style of light is going to have about half the efficacy of the higher end lights. That would take twice the amount of power to light sane space with them.

Imo if you’re going to run high powered uvb you may want to try implementing in small amount. Like for many an hour or two in the middle of light cycle. If you can do that successfully, maybe increase time a little.

Wow, all at once was a gamble huh? Try reflecting that uvb, not a cure but it bounces off everything except your retinas :smile: I’ve been there, I considered the experiment less than successful because I never got bud density with them even with 4 banks of double 4 foot they didn’t get the job done, spindly fluffy pistols just tinges of trics. Still a nice grow :+1::grin:

@dbrn32 okay ill add it in 15 min intervals and increase , i feel like my window to increase size and density still exists, im running the grandmaster an line for them right now woth sensi bloom ab at 9 ml/gal ,b52 at 4 ml/gal, bud factor x at 4 ml/gal ancient earth at 4 ml/gal, an sensizym at 4 ml/gal, overdrive at 4 ml/gal , humbolts secret golden tree at 2 ml/gal, bud candy at 6 ml/gal, and nirvana at 4 ml/gal ps come in at 900 and ive been ph,ing at 6.0 for flower , as ive said these twi strains normally run a 9 week flower period and their just hitting their week 5 if any of you has other advice to increase this last stage growth im extremely open minded ti help and criticism lol

@SoGnotSOG yea lol i paid for it to couldnt see for like 26 hours peeled like a mfer too haha , im using pretty powerful flower powers and they seemed to increase trichs and resin quantities for sure but crispied my top trichs and pistills, new growth has since grown so I’m gonna come in with 15 mins 2 times a day to start

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Nothing in any bottle of nutrients is going to offset your light density. Well fed plants could certainly produce better than poorly fed, but I’ve never seen a bottle of anything take a mediocre grow to outstanding. Sounds like you have everything covered though.

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okay ill add in some supplemental lighting as well its just odd my lux rating from fhe company seemed to be good i knkw alot of the cheaper companies spread bs around but the 4ks seemed to be generally good for 4 x 4 space especially when the plants are properly scrogged , but im glad u said something ill add some supplemental bars i have thanks again Buddy

I just did a runoff check my input is usually around 975 ppms with a ph of 6.05 for mid flower , my runoff is coming in at 1205 with a ph of 5.7 im a bit off right? OH BTW i added that light in the middle of the tent , this will be the last flowering plants in here as its intended as a permanent veg tent once this trial grow runs through , sorry for the mess i dod some canopy defoliating and ur seeing me right in the middle of cleanup lol( i stay quite clean normally i swear lmao)

this is my bruce banner #3 from original sensible

this is the gorilla glue #4 from expert seeds

and the second bb3

that second bb3 definitely got whatever i did wrong the worst but like i said i think i still have a growth period to catch up with i just gotta figure it out
sorry for the long messages im still new so im trying to figure out any mistakes and fix em , i increased the light as recommended and was wondering if a flush would help? like a 1/4 strength nute mix or something thanks in advance

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I dont see many of the qb with more red, maybe a 1 to 10 and the ir is even less density. I think you can have that supplemental as a bonus but dbrn32 is hands down giving the right advice about the amount of light, it is above all other requirements in terms of yield quality and length of time needed to run your lights to get those as high as possible. And your stuff is looking good, making positive moves :+1::grin:

they did indeed fatten up thankfully now my trichomes are mainly milky with some clear and oddly a layer on the bud with amber i believe that was from the uvb but just in case here is a photo of the one that’s most mature any advice on if she looks ready? its a matter of days at this point i think but any opinions are welcome @dbrn32:slight_smile:

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@SoGnotSOG im not seeing your name pop up but if u see this thank you as well and what do you think?!:slight_smile:

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Hard to get good zoom on trichs, but your assessment seems inline with what I see otherwise. Plenty of frost there.

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