Hey all... I'm a new daddy again!

Meet the 2 newest additions to my little family.
Baby Blackwaters 1, and 2.
5 days old, and being syringe fed.
Just never mind me. These things are so touchy when they are babies.
This is my third attempt to get these. One drip too much water and they die.


Just make sure you have plenty of holes in the bottom of your cups let the water drain sufficiently to allow your soil to dry as well I do even Poke holes on the side of the cups

Congratulations bro :confetti_ball::champagne::balloon:
@Hogmaster gave good advice
Happy growing

lookin’good @Traumamedic

Feel the weight of you pots before and after you water, you will know when they need to be watered again. I had issues with watering but after that no more problems.

Congratulations on your new arrivals!:champagne::tada::clap::v:

My cups drain fine guys. It’s actually 2 cups, clear inside red.They have eight little Clips around the bottom edge of the cup.
I water my babies with a 10 milliliter syringe. Each one gets 2 milliliters of water every 2-3 days.
The Blackwaters did not like that, they would just look like they were under watered, and died… They actually like to be on the dry side.
So they get 2 milliliters of water every 3-4 days, right at the stem.


First up ,congrats on the new arrivals, now they sound like very fussy babies, hope all goes well and look forward to seeing them grow to be beautiful ladies for you , @Traumamedic
Have you grown them before and if so what’s the end result like.
Happy Growing

Sure… Outdoors with a friend two or three years ago. I had just forgotten how fussy they can be when they’re babies.