Hey all i have a deficiency that im not understanding

Hey guys Camoflouge312 here asking for yet more advice lol, in running 4 indoor with a 4*8 tent, 2 Bruce banner#3, and 2 gorilla glue #4. Running with 2 4000w bestva led lights, co2 enrichment running at 900 ppm . Im running drain to waste in pure coco( mother earth pre washed). These girls are on week 8 i was going to flip but i dont want to with my one gg4 showing obvious stress. Right now im running my resevoir with
8 ml/gal sensi coco a and b grow an
4 ml/gal yucca wet
4 ml/gal humbolt secrets tree trunk k supplement
3 ml/gal b52 an
3 ml/gal of each of the an microbe trio
3 ml/gal humbolt secrets golden tree addative
3 ml/gal an sensi calmag
4 ml/gal carboload
4 ml/gal an ancient earth
ppm is running 750
ph on res is 5.9
run off is 5.8
the babies have been loving the above shown nutrient mix for more than this generation
my tent temp has been higher than i wanted bobbing at 85 farenheit humidity has been running at 66%
the mainline method has treated me well with yield on seed batches
any advice is appreciated and truly welcome i hate seeing a beautiful gg4 girl suffer , both bb3s have strived under these conditions showing not a single deficiency since seeds but this gg4 pheno isnt uptaking my mix nearly as heavily as the others having a half full runoff res when the others only have a 1" of runoff in them
Is this pheno just more delicate?
Am i to heavy on light or nutes?

Pics under normal lighting please.


will do

leaves canoeing…sign of imbalance. too much or not nuff.

does anyone notice what this is? As ive said, it gets the exact same thing as the others , its the same age , only difference is the phenotype, its nutrient uptake is like half of what the others use and these leaves are looking rough:(

Wind blown or too cold and also some ph issues going on there… :+1::wink:
Also pushing too many nutrients for the light that you are using…
At a glance…