Hey all are these pollen sacks?

Hey guys! Almost 5 weeks into my first autoflower grow (jack herer) my buds seem to be growing better than I had expected. I was doing some leaf tucking last night and noticed what would appear to be pollen sacks. Any insight would be awesome. Also if my suspicions are right what should I be expecting in the next few weeks? Thanks in advance!!!


This are calyces. Female parts.


Those are very pretty plants.


Thank you guys!


Aside from the spelling Bobby has you pointed in the right direction lol


Lol, it’s plural.


Nice autos you got there! No pollen sacks, good luck finishing up.

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They look great!

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@Nicky I have a question I believe you could help me with. I am still in ffof soil on week 5 have added no nutrients at all yet and am seeing some of my leafs turning purple. Is this a sign of some sort of deficiency? Does it mean they need some replenishing?

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Your plants arnt in natural light, so is it purple or is it brown?
The most common deficiencies we see are nitrogen, cal and mag.
So of those 3 cal is where my brain jumps first

But purple is phosphorus, so take a good close look at your plant and look in natural light, compare cal and P deficiency images. Wich do you believe it is?

Ps what are your high and low Temps? Low Temps can cause color change but all of this usually happens with larger and older plants to have a deficiency this early in such rich soil is a bit odd. This all being said I’m leaning at a Phosphorus deficiency.

@Nicky I did what you said and they are definitely purple! My temps are very steady between 75 and 72 degrees

Then I would give some bloom nutrients

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Tips are showing that they are right in the sweet spot on base nutrients…
You could add some (k) for finishing in about 1 to 2 weeks from this point but nothing else… :+1::wink:
Ocean forest is pretty full of nutrients…
You have about 2 1/2 to 3 months of nutrients in that soil , so at this point , you really only need to start adding finishing nutrients in a week or so…

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