Hermy?!?! Help please

This is on a currently “female” plant. Growing bud and pistil. Its one of my friends Cannalope Haze.

Those are pollen sacs and they will be feminized seeds. It’s your call to burn it or not. You have a chance to carry the hermie genes over though. :shell:


Yep that’s true.

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After a better look ALL of his 6 cannalope haze are hermies… He is growing 15 plants should he kill them to make sure he isnt fudging up any other girls. What could be causing this?

what i need to do it for me … need help

It’s entirely your choice. As long as you accepting of some seeds, I would allow them to finish. @ourscanadien

i have 8 other girls who dont have that i dont want mess whit them

If you decide to keep them i would separate them from the rest
They will most likely pollenate the other if you dont
My personal move would be to cull the hermies
But you can still get usable bud maybe full of seeds but you can process it into edibles or concretes

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