Hermorphdite plant

2 of my 8 plants have this. What should I do?


That is a male plant. Bag it carefully and trash it and any others like it.


Do I keep the other 6?

Do you have more pictures?

@PurpNGold74 is this a male plant?

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Keep it from contaminating the rest of your grow. Gently bag the plant and destroy it. I suggest wiping the tent down with a dilute mix of hydrogen peroxide or bleach to remove any pollen that might be around.

Keep an eye on your girls as you go forward.


Rip them up they pollinate Ur other plants and U will end up with a heap of seed

@Mundo702 yup male, not a hermie from what I can see. I had the same issue with 4 I started in May, had to pull and toss 3.

I’d also soak the tent/room. If it’s ibetween grows you can do a full clean with h202. Wouldn’t use bleach as the material in tents wouldn’t like repeated bleach use. Would break down over time. If mid grow just water. Water kills pollen.

Mylar is resistant to a 20% or less bleach solution, but mine seeps I’ve noticed. Fabric doesn’t like bleach.


I do not see any pollen sacs open in the picture. As @Flitme mentioned bag and remove male plant. Keep your fingers crossed it did not pollinate your other plants. Time will tell. Good luck