Hermies? Or stunted bud growth?

@Donaldj @garrigan65 @Countryboyjvd1971 @Willd can you help me here. I am blind at the moment due to my glasses being in 4 repeat pieces and I need a good pair of eyes. Fortunately, I have never had to deal with hermies and what little bit I can see looks like
White whips coming out of the pods but I’m not sure.
So, my son freaked out today and chopped down one of his plants bc he thought it turned hermie.
His grow is in the 4week of flowering and last week he said they that started putting out a 'second growth spurt of what looked like legitimate bundlets but over the past few days his plants looked like they were exhibiting potassium deficiency so I told him to drain, clean and refill rez with fresh ph’d water and let run for a few days bc the rez wasn’t depleting itself hardly at all. So, he lops it down and brought it to my house. I’ve never dealt with hermies and what little I can see looks like female budlets that for the reason of nute lock, stopped forming. What do you guys think?

Look like swollen calyx to me. All female from what I can see!


Agreed, it all looks good.

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@MattyBear @3high5you Thanks guys. I thought I could see calyx with whisps but I wasn’t sure.
I was going to kick his butt if it was, bringing a hermie into my house risking a pollination of my crop!!
Good to know there’s always a couple of good pair of eyes out there looking out for me. Thanks again guys.

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No problem man!

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