Hermies or not?

Just when I though I could pick a hermies, got a curve ball. This plant is 8 weeks old, looking good with buds appearing, then today found it was developing ‘balls’. I read elsewhere here that this can happen due to stress, but I think I am more stressed than plant. Is this plant having an each way bet?
A couple of months back I got quite a deal of seeds off a good plant and a friend said that should not happen. Photo attached, am confused.

All help and opinions greatly appreciated.

Hard to tell for sure from that pic but it doesn’t look like a herm, pretty sure she’s a he. Straight up male.

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Definitely don’t want it near any females either way …

I see pistols and balls
Get rid of it unless you want buds filled with seeds


Also a bunch of seeds someone gave ypu could be anything Good or bad …

But if he gave you bunch of seeds out of an 1/8 it was probably hermie weed to begin with and would most likely just produce hermies

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Thank you Lacewing, will send it to ‘hermies hell’. So this leads me to another question. Read much about ‘motherplants’. If I want to collect seeds from a strong female, what is the process please?
The buds (early flower) can I take them to make 'butter (see below)

From what you have told me I dried one strong plant with very good 'head’s but when I shook it during drying it drop a lot of seeds. So I am assuming it was a hermi? I just used it for making ‘butter’ which I use for pain. It has been quite helpful?
From what I read, seeds will all be male? Thank you.

Hopefully someone will come along with those answers …I’m just learning about cloning and back crossing …so I do not know enough in this area to answer you …wish I did
And the butter question …can’t say as I have also never been down this road yet …but saving my sugar leaves to try and make something with them

I wouldn’t say seeds would be all male …but higher chances of becoming a hermaphrodite them selves since their parent was …

I have a totally stuffed back, plus awaiting hip replacement. CBD oil is useless, THC does help with me for some (Not all) pain, plus I get 7-8 hrs sleep most nights.
I have a ‘magic butter machine’ that is great.
Thanks for your help Lacewing, I wil l, throw it out as another question.

Batting for the other side​:grin::grin:

Crap, just looked at butter machine
300 bucks I don’t have at the moment
Especially since I don’t even have a first harvest yet but beer interested in this device

Is it easy to use? How much herb do you need to make it worth messing with?

I am in Australia and paid $230au, so shop around. You are in USA I presume, should only be $180us Approx. Very easy to use, easy to clean, comes with directions and all sorts of recipes.
Know what you mean. My set up with greenhouse, tables, bought wrong g’house had to buy clear plastic only for max sun, if you are going that way, amover $3kAU So far.

The seeds will produce more hermies like the one in the picture, not worth growing.


^ This. I wouldn’t bother with seeds from any bag.

Noted, thank you.

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Thought that would be the case.

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Mother plant is usually spoken of in terms of providing clones. No worries though, for all intensive purposes you want same thing for breeding. That is a strong growing plant that is easy to maintain and keep healthy, and provides the characteristics you are looking for. The desire d characteristics may be entirely different for you than me. You could want something that helps you sleep and I like more active effects. The route most would take in finding ideal plants to breed, is to research strains that are known to produce the results you’re looking for. Then buy a pack and start them all, and allow the best plants to reproduce.

Hellraiser has you set on question about type of seeds produced. Sounds like you have a genetic herm trait that is produces the reason your friend had the seeds in first place.

Thank you, I understand now (I think).:roll_eyes::roll_eyes: