Hermies appearing in grow 6 weeks

As if I have not had enough problems with rodents, now also with ‘hermies’, I have found 3 in my grow in last 2 weeks.
I have separated them well away from greenhouse. My q’s can I keep them growing, plenty of buds. I am not really a smoker but use it for pain relief and sleep.
I suffer from anxiety and hypertension.
Can I keep them and use them to make butter in my 'magic butter machine or will they be useless? Thank you.

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yup have no experience on this matter but from what i have read here is the answer is yes. keep it away from the girls but might as well grow it out. free seeds. and the bud will still mature.

Thank you, not having a lot of luck, but a learning curve for sure.

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just dont get discouraged.

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Will do but been a frustrating and expensive intro

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Expensive? Aww pashaw

Jk the start up is is insane isn’t it?

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I think what happens is the bud will have the THC
Muted aka meaning it won’t be as strong as she could have been.

@Covertgrower Do you know?

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It really depends how far into flowering they are, and strain type. Trichomes present say they’ll do something. Best I can answer with out pictures.


Yes that was my understanding, but will mix for my butter meds.
Will the seeds breed hermies, or should I ditch them. Another member suggested they should be ok? Thank you.

Will take a couple of photos today and lost, thank you.

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they should be ok.

It is frustrating but trying to make it a learning curve. It has been rather costly but I compounded the costs by not reading before I started. Thought it was put in soil, water and bingo - not that simple! Aggravated by rodents getting off their face at my expense​:roll_eyes::rofl:

These are the suspects.

Those are male For sure. @AfgVet can confirm as well.


Completely agree, male without a doubt


That is definetly a male, full blown. This is what that looks like at possibly the earliest stage. This plant is in week 5 of veg, regular seed. I’m going to collect the pollen and cross it with my blue dream.

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Also this plant grew way faster than the other 3 feminized seeds, but also way faster than the other 3 regular seeds of the same strain.

It’s the one in the back right.

Balls and balls

Balls to all that

Those are ball sacks…no Bueno my friend, but it happens to all of us. Then you save some $ and get fem seeds! Not sure if your outside, but rumor is they can get pollinated from a male that’s a mile away…but you should get rid of that Mr. Plant unless you’re trying to get into seeds genetics… happy gardening!

Update on my porch ladies below…

newer grower only on my 4th run this year so not as experienced as many on here. If it was me i would take and burn it with fire(exaggeration). I wouldn’t want a male plant anywhere near my grow. I wouldn’t want to risk the other plants being cross contaminated in flower. If you are putting it outside and I don’t know where you live obviously you may also be putting your neighbors outside grows in jeopardy as well by allowing it to mature. Just my thoughts on it.