Hermied, what do I do now?

Both my plants have hermied. They are from bagseed. They have been un flower for 7 weeks. Should I just go ahead and harvest them?

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Grow it out, sift the seeds out, and smoke it! :v::+1:t2::sunglasses:



Grow it out as you normally would


I cant see any naners on these pics…

can you get a close up of what made you think you have hermies in there?

Finish it off. Maybe you can get some seeds which takes like 6 to 8 weeks to mature while on the plant.

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Why you say hermied? Don’t look like it ?

How not? It is a female plant that is making seeds without a male polinator… I have only grown 5 plants…all female. So for it to make seeds it must be hermied.

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You’ve got seeds… why no pics of them???

Can you get a good clear close up of a bud?


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Is that a seed or just a catalyst budding pistil.

Ok I see what you mean now…
Did you peel one of the supposed seeds out? It could still be a very strangely swolen calyx…

If it is a solid seed… Then she got pollinated but there is still the possibility that the polination came from outside, is it growing season where you’re at?

At the risk of sounding like your mom, don’t eat your fingernails that much😜 and
Nice partial fingerprint… Stay save anf happy growing