Hermied maybe? I Need Help

This is my first grow ever Pineapple Chunk. On week 11, week 6 of 12-12 lights.

at first I thought I could see hairs coming from the calyxes when it started to form flowers. Now though as it gets bigger they look more like pollen sacks and im just not sure.

Could my plant have Hermied ? or could this just be come fat calyxes ?

Any advice welcomed

Pictures in natural light will be more helpful in diagnosing but from what I can see you either got hermie or she got pollinated. They almost look like seed pods.

You can still finish it and use it. I wouldn’t recommend replanting the seed, but the flowers will be okay. Seeded flower will still medicate.

I will finish it just to see but its a little disappointing.

EDIT : (OOOPs didnt mean to delete the post meant to edit) Dont see how it got pollenated it was the only plant in the room

More natural light pics.

That was what i was worried about oh well only 12 weeks down the drain lol live and learn

Do you have a wire-haired dog?

Cannabis plants, even females, tend to produce male pollen in staminate flowers as a response to stress. These sacs tend to open up and fall off rather quickly; they can come and go in a few days. So it can be easy to miss one or more.

I would check the tent for light leaks as a starting point.

If you mean the long white hairs in the pics I think thats from the cat, but I could definitely see them coming out as pistols a few weeks ago.

I had a light leak in the first week or two of flowering but sorted it out as soon as i realised so didn’t think it would be much of a problem.

That’s probably what caused it :frowning:

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Was this a regular or feminized seed? Can you get pictures of any bud sites that are lower on the branches? When I had a self pollinated plant there was still hairs that came out of the seeded pod. I don’t see any hairs at all I’m thinking If it’s not feminized it might be a straight up male

(Sorry I couldn’t reply because Im so new to the site)

It was supposed to feminised, Pineapple chunk from Barneys farm all the bud sites look the same but the lower ones are smaller.

I ran my fingers over a few earlier and they were sticky and the smell was pretty potent

On closer inspection there is one small site right at the bottom of the plant that shows pistols clearly.

Does this mean the rest has pollinated and they are going to be seeds ???

In better lighting What I thought looked like seed pods look to be just swollen calyx’s . Can you post a few different bud sites in the same normal light to compare ?

I’m staying hopeful

Updated pics

That’s an open male flower. It has already released pollen.

thanks so its a hermaphrodite for sure


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Yeah. It’s not the end of the world. What are your thoughts?

first ever grow so im gunna let it run to the end and see what I get. A little disappointing but live and learn and hopefully next time itll be good. There was alot that went wrong and a little more patience will be applied next time

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Why not? Isn’t all bag seed the result of hermies? If so, I feel like I’ve seen a lot of posts on here about bag seed, some if it coming out quite nice. Not trying to challenge the statement, just understand it as I have recently planted some bag seed my wife found just for fun to see what the genetics are like with proper treatment. Should I get that shit out of my tent? Didn’t even sprout yet but I planted after 24 hours soak yesterday

well i was hoping to have no seeds but im sure itll still smoke ok, it smells great and is really sticky so not a complete waste

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