Hermie seeds good or no good



Another fact is that there are types on how a hermaphrodite plant is made, or born which ever catches your drift. If you hermie is from a female plant forced to be a hermie due to stress, that hermie plant could probably produce hermie seeds as well. If that plant went hermie because it didn’t receive any polen then that plant would produce female plants 100 percent sure, why 100 percent sure? It’s because the original plant before it became hermie was a female plant, only female plants can turn into hermies. So with the female genetics on, she would only produce 100 percent female seeds, which we can use for our next generation of strain.



And That my friend sure is tempting to do with a $12 seed !!


If the smallest amount of light can cause a female to hermie. How do outdoor plants remain stable with a full moon or starlight? Not being a smartass, just curious if a glimmer of light slipping through your tent zipper is as big a deal as some may think.


@Savingpvtviper I have wondered the same thing there is very few times it is ever really dark outside but I am also very careful about not letting any light even in the room that my tent is in . That room is off limits during lights out. And I would love to have my gold leaf pop out a dozen or so female stress seeds . The girl scout cookies in the mail also @FyshhTrap


@Oldstoner I got 5 beautiful plump seeds from my gold leaf. I flowered way to early and the Pure Indica got so big it crowded the gold leaf and northern lights auto


Sunlight is Directly from the source, Moonlight is Reflected and has nowhere near the same propreties.


Well you just answered your own question in a round about way, that little glimmer of light and I for one have had more than a glimmer of light and everything turned out fine

And here’s another way to get fen

Colloidal Silver method

For this method, you will need a very small amount of colloidal silver (pure silver) and distilled water. Put the former into the latter, then, using a spray bottle, apply the resulting mixture onto your female plants while they are flowering. The plants will begin to form pollen sacs (which are normally seen on males). The pollen contains genetic material that is actually totally female – making it highly probable that the marijuana seeds the plant produces will be female.

That was the simple way of describing the process. Actually doing it is much more complex and involves many more details. In addition to the pure silver and distilled water, you need a 9-volt battery and connector, alligator clips, and soldering iron. Sound like too much trouble? Just buy colloidal silver online at this link here

Assuming you have no problem with spending the time and money finding these “ingredients,” the next step in the process is to connect the battery and its connector. Solder the alligator clips onto the red and black wires to form the best electrical current. Then connect these to the silver (probably coins) that you have. Put the silver coins into the distilled water, without allowing the alligator clips or wires to touch the water. Because the water is distilled, this will cause the silver ions to simply float around in the water instead of connecting with other ions.

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Leave this for seven hours or longer – the longer, the better, since it will increase the colloidal silver concentration. That being said, leaving it for too long will cause the particles to eventually become too large.

At this point, you can spray your plants and cause the feminization process to come about. Spray them every day after they have reached their flowering stage, up until they have begun to form male pollen sacs. It should take less than two weeks although the timing can vary. Once you see the sacs, follow the instructions above to normally fertilize your plant.

Take note: NEVER consume or smoke the parts of the plant that you sprayed with the colloidal silver solution (wiki). If you’re not 100% sure about which parts were sprayed, simply discard the entire plant to be safe. The pollen, on the other hand, will be totally safe
Written By Robert Bergman
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@garrigan62 think I will just stick with buying my ilgm seeds and maybe find a few stress seeds from super cropping all that sounds a bit involved for my taste


They do make colloidal silver can be buy on Amazon. All you do is spray it on once a day for 12 days or until you see sacks starting g to form



I think you can get colloidal silver in every health food store like GNC as well


@garrigan62 .good mention .as to all ive says to spray and leave on . i purchaced my CS and used it only twice and got no flowers .:confounded: this mite be why .
Hammer .


does colloidal silver stain yur skin for a long time? I remember about 20 years ago in my high school chemistry class, we had these silver compound that if the crystal touch your skin it was cause yur skin to change color… if I remember. correctly the stain on my hands lasted for a few weeks


I have used this method in the past and it does work extremely well but the last 2 times i have tried i have had lots of seeds produced but they just do not sprout, they look fine, nice and speckled brown but just nothing popping up. very strange, i have tried 40 - 50 seeds but nothing. What i am thinking is maybe this method does not work if you use it on plants that are already feminized? this is the only conclusion i have come to as every time i have tried it on non feminized plants it works really well. Any thoughts?


The Super silver haze seeds were no good[none of them germinated], but the
white widow all germinated. So who knows?


Man you’re on point with this. I been wondering about this too. Outdoors it’s never pitch black, way more bug issues, you can’t really control shit outdoors, and plants thrive. A speck of light through you’re tent at night and you’re screwed? Makes no sense. Seems like the littlest thing produces pollen sacs indoors. Same with inconsistent light schedule. If you’re off by a couple minutes you’re screwed? Sun doesn’t rise and set at the same time every day either. Shit is crazy.


My Greenhouse is 20ft from my living room windows and bathroom windows. lights are on all the time also when i go outside at night I turn on the porch light. I don’t think it made any difference


Thanks, this is a helpful explanation. It’s been many years since I’ve tried planting hermie seeds, but my recollection is that they all produced hermie plants.