Hermie Seed questions.... A few

I had 3 different plants going on the first grow …

As I posted in the thread

I was pointed out a Nanner on the ILGM Gorilla Glue…

The G6 was from I seed. I got from the medical dispensary and as I stated this my favorite.
When I flipped it to flower I planted two ILGM Blueberry autos and two Gorilla Glue autos two weeks later I added two more plants one ILGM Blueberry Auto and another Gorilla Glue Auto.
After the identification of the Nanner I did notice seeds especially a lot on the second edition of the Gorilla Glues as I harvested I noticed everything did have seeds some not as many the Gorilla Glue second addition had the most and I do blame the Gorilla Glue for the Hermie. as it’s the one that showed the Hermie and was stubborn when it came to germination 3 out of 6, 50/50.

My question is if the Gorilla Glue Auto is the culprit and it pollinated everything in the room will that make my G6 across between G6 and Gorilla Glue?
Will that have any bearing on it being an Autoflower or will it remain a feminized?
Will the BBA be a cross of both?
So when a plant produce seeds it also pollinates, so would they all be across of 3 strains?
or is it who gets to her first?
So I would have a mixture of a plant of G6 ,BBA, GGA ?
A mainly G6 with some GGA n BBA influence … A BBA mainly with GGA n G6 influence , and so on?

That is a lot of questions I appreciate any Help.

I did get a lot of information from this thread

Thank You for your time

hermies, have a gene in them that cause that to happen. If you use that seed it will have that gene and most likely express it at the first sign of stress. Maybe just because, no stress needed.


I will gamble that for the G6.
I took two clones and kept the biggest for a mother and put the other in flower with a ILGM SS, PK and PH.
I will be taking clones tonight to be ready for next rotation.
When I retire the mother I will go to the seeds to start a mother and a grow.
I really love everything about it and seeds are impossible to find and I can get ILGM GGA n BBA here and it was a buy 10 get 10
I am guessing low temp maybe, but sure I caused the stress.
I try not to get to hot. this grow it gets 82 at day and 70 night on avarege with 35% to 40% humidity. I was hitting low 60s on the first grow.

I just wonder if they will be a cross strain?

well first off my grow hits 100f and doesnt hermie, so the gene is not expressing in my plants. Doesnt mean it isnt there, its just not being expressed.
It doesnt necessarily need stress for the gene to do that, it may be a dominant trait?
It suggests bad genetics and I would not use material with bad genes.
Yes if you use pollen from one strain and apply it to another strain you will have a cross. You will also pass along all the genetics from the male to the female. The offspring of that union will produce multiple phenotypic examples. You would need to grow to maturity many offspring, take clones of the finest examples and short list. Therefore, if you intend to go through all of this effort it doesnt make sense to start with bad genetic material.

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Ya low 80s is as high as it has got in mine.
I guess it is hard to pin point the culprit as to who really did it, who has the bad genes if thats the case other then the GGA had the nanner and the most seeds I saw.
They were more visible on the GGA2 not the one pictured with the nanner thought it had seeds also but not over run…a seed here n there.
Both the GGA and the BBA were ILGM seeds.I like the out come of both as they smoke well taste good, smell good and do the job well.
I can see the bag seed getting the blame but would think the bag seed had good genes at the price a 1/8 cost Lol.
If it is then there is a good chance it will happen again from the clone.
I gueess some questions will be answered on this next round as it is 3 ILGM and a G6 clone.
I hope nothing then I can blame me stress them but time will tell on the clone.

here is the G6 by Verano

here is GGA


Thank You for your input and advice

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Looking good!

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Looks great! And a few seeds wont keep me from twisting one up!

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