Hermie question

So one of my plants hermied and I didn’t catch it before it dropped some pollen. I took the plant out now completely and I found a couple of the others with a couple spots where they got a little pollen on them. I cut out all the branches where they got it. Will I be fine or is it a total loss?? They are halfway through flower and I am at a loss. Please help anyone with experience with this.

All of the seeds were feminized as well. In the second week of flower I accidentally snapped one of the tops off and that is the plant that dropped pollen. Could that have something to do with it?

Sorry but it dropped more pollen than you think. I know when I pulled my male it crop dusted the whole tent. :+1:

There were only a few of sacks that where opened on it, but I didn’t take any chances with that one bc it was covered. The other ones only had a few spots.

I remember a time when cleaning seeds out of your pot before smoking was commonplace. I don’t think your grow is ruined, just not as convenient. Look at it positively, you have hundreds of dollars worth of seeds.

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I am telling you one flower opened drops more pollen than you think. You will see as your female comes along. :+1:

Not experienced enough to comment, other than I’ve smoked bud that I’ve found seeds in, and it was still some of the best I’ve smoked. If it was me I’d grow it out.

Definitely still going to grow it. I was just wondering if I could minimize the seeds bc i know there will inevitably be some.

As Mr peat said, nothing you can do, but ride it out.

A male flower produces enough pollen to knock up a lot of buds. Chances are there are or will be more male flowers too. Pollinated weed is not a total loss despite what some think. You get seedy pot… no big deal, I smoked a shitload of seedy pot in the 70s and 80s, he knit was the only pot available until Pablos growers figured out how to clone! Somenof that seedy pot was pretty good, just pissed us off cuz we were paying for seeds and stems… hence the :musical_note: no stems no seeds that you dont need … toke sound here … Acapulco gold is … toke sound again … bad assed weed!

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