Hermie paranoia or reality? Please help

1st time grower, crop now in 2nd week of flower.

First, the good news: Plenty of white hairs on my plants:

But I packicked when I saw this:

xPat![2021-03-13-174844|281x500 (upload://yA1bPQGiHyWXTudshSiXqiQRYpY.jpeg)

Are those pollen sacks, suggesting this plant turned hermie? Or are those just undeveloped buds that white hairs will eventually grow out of?

In case it matters, the whole crop is FEMINIZED seeds, several strains. The two plants that show little semi-round things like the bottom photos are both Quick Critical Plus photo-period indica-dominant hybrids.

If these ARE hermies, what should I do? Take them out of the tent to another part of the house and window-grow them from here? Throw them away (my babies!!!), or what?

Thanks in advance guys!!!

Let it grow out a bit more. You may find that those pods develop hairs. If they mature and don’t, or you see multiple pods develop, then yeah, get rid of it.


Here’s a better close-up:

Looks all girl


Don’t be paranoid. Those are young pods that will probably develop hairs.

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Neat close ups…

As mentioned above

Not the time to worry. Looks very promising…♀️

Don’t you love these threads🤗

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Thanks guys.

The close-ups are a feature of the wireless digital microscope I got. Click the power button while looking at the live view and it snaps a still image and puts it in the phone’s camera library. Pretty cool.

So relieved you guys don’t think these are hermies. It would have sucked to lose 2 of my best looking plants.


Really good pics man… :ok_hand: Yeah like they said, they look like lady parts! What scope you using?

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Thanks for the reassurance! I was starting to freak out for a minute there…

The Microscope is https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B081RFWHTJ but honestly I’m not sure I would recommend it. What’s cool about it is that it works wirelessly with a phone or tablet as the viewing device. But surely, the RIGHT way to design that functionality would have been with Bluetooth. Instead they did it with WiFi. So the microscope has its own SSID you have to connect to in order to use it. That means you have to disconnect any previously open WIFI. So you lose Internet connectivity while you are using the microscope and you have to switch back and forth in Settings between the microscope’s SSID and whatever you normally use for WiFi. Pain in the tail.

I agree the pics look pretty solid, but the 50x - 1000x zoom range is too tight. 25x would be better for the purpose of looking at weed plants. The pics you see are at the widest zoom (50x), and it takes effort to hold your hand still enough to get a good pic.



Wait, so does it not let you adjust zoom by 1x? Is it only in certain increments? It would be nice if it had Bluetooth and wifi imo.

But the wifi would have to actually connect to an existing network for it to be useful, however idk if I trust just anything on my network… I am very security conscious, especially with networking.

If a malicious device is on your network, you’re bleeding personal info. This is also why I am skeptical of those DIY security systems that are wireless too. I plan on just building my own security system when the time comes.

This looks like a male sac to me. I’d be checking it twice daily until I could be certain. Are these pictures all from the two suspicious plants?


It’s variable (infinitely adjustable) between 50x and 1000x, but at the 50x end of the range, the focal length is too long - you have to hold it a good 5 yo 6" away from the plant. It’s easier to zoom in to 75x or so (even though you only want 25x) because that allows you to hold the device right up to the plant.

I definitely don’t recommend it. Like you said, if you were going to design it around WiFi, it should connect to your existing network, not force you to connect to its own network, which is how it works.

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