Hermie or pollinated? Top looks weird

I don’t know what happened to this Girl Scout Cookie. Could it be hermied or pollinated?

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All I see are swollen calyxes. If there are male parts I don’t see them.


Looks like your have some of that weird single leaf growth going on. Reveg maybe? Any chance you have a timer issue?


I had 2 days in a row I failed to notice the timer got bumped or something and was cutting off for 2 hours during the light schedule.

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It would be the dark hours getting interrupted that would cause said issue…to my understanding. I’d take a look at it and make sure you’re getting 12 uninterrupted dark hours per 24.

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Do you think I should chop off that top and give the rest of the buds a chance? They all look normal.

I agree with @Eagles009 looks like some reveg there. I don’t see any male parts

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I don’t think you need to do that. I’ve never had one reveg on accident. I did reveg a clone though. When I wanted said clone to flower again I just put it back on 1212 and it is currently doing its’ thing.

Edit: some knowledgeable people in this thread, if I’m wrong they will correct me. I think if you ensure 12 uninterrupted dark hours from here on you should be set without other action.

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Boy did this thing get ugly. I have it on a consistent 12/12 again now, so not sure what I’ll end up with. People purposely reveg their plants? Wow

Yeah , re-vegging is an ugly process. Just keep a close eye out for a Hermi. She’s been significantly stressed and could still turn on you

That will be the bananas, right?

You’re basically starting flower over again so I’d watch for nanners and balls