Hermie or male? Northern lights fem seed

Had a member say that this might be a male. What do you all think?

This is from a ILGM northern lights fem/photo seed. It’s about six weeks since sprout above soil growing outdoors. I started to force flower since it’s late season by reducing daylight from 13.75 hrs to 13 hours and have been super consistent with timing. No real stress on this plant. Strangely it went from showing no sex to preflower about a week ago. It looks like it has pistils but most are on the tops and not seeing many calyx. I did see some suspect sac that I removed.

More background in my journal.Naturalmedmans late-season grow

Take a look and let me know what you think. Thanks!

I don’t see male parts.


Here are the sacs

Yep I also don’t see boy bits

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@oldmarine @Mr_Wormwood just posted suspect male parts above.

Now I see boy parts. Sorry for your loss…

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Oh noes
Still don’t see em
It’s like where’s freaking Waldo

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Do you think straight up male or hermie?

Hermie. I see female parts too…


I might be able deal with a hermie since it’s just one plant.

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What the hell
How did I miss that
I thought that was an example pic as to what to watch out for

Good luck plucking friend


Ha! Hopefully it doesn’t get too bad. Had a little hermie on my last grow, but after the initial pluck all went smoothly…until the mold got her.

So many things to worry about
Good thing this is a relaxing stress free hobby😬