Hermie? Never seen a ball with a pistol not sure what to make of it

Not sure what to make of this are these balls? Didn’t think they would have the hair come out?

Congrats. It’s a female.


No male parts , all female. :+1:


Hey @elementhc. that is an oddity and a new one for me. I agree its a female flower, but It is certainly has male characteristics. The round shape, the little stem at the base, and the slits on the side all say male, but the pistil is def female. I might be tempted to remove it and cut it open to see if there are stamens inside too.
Hopefully its nothing of concern.


@Spiney_norman @MidwestGuy @kellydans thank you guys for the quick response. This is a clone and I guess what got me confused like @Spiney_norman stated everything about that part looks male (hermie) other then the Calyx. Its my biggest plant and I would hate getting rid of it but I also have 10 other plants in the same room.