Hermi? Or should I be worried?


Can someone tell me what my plant is doing? I am growing two Bubblegum autoflowers outside in 5 gallon buckets. The one is budding really well but the other one I don’t know what happened. I don’t know if it became a hermorphdite or what but the buds quit filling in. It’s buds are not thick like it’s sister. I’ve kept a close eye on it but I haven’t seen anything that looks like pollen. I was afraid it was gonna be a male plant. So can anyone tell me by looking at the pic, what’s going on with it? TIA


Typical ruderalis gene overpower. Some plants are that way, nothing to do.

I have 2 of them right now.one in upper Pic. Both autos–one Amnesia and one Northen Lights.
Yield is smaller. But more trichomes.
Half year ago I got one BB auto too rudi gene op.


They’re just swollen callyx, not seed pods, no need to worry, she’s flowering beautifully.


Looks like it’s foxtail just watch it I had it happen with no issues


For sure foxtailing. Can make harvest time a tough decision


I think I’ve read that this strain is prone to foxtailing?