Hermi or not need second opinion

I’ve kind of gone into panic mode and I’ve been in to oversee everyday since I spotted our dodgy friend either way lesson learnt never use crap you find always buy fem beans

How late are you into flower…? that will let you know how worried you should be… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:

first week of true flower when I seen the growth, it wasn’t there then 24hours later on my next check of them I spotted it

can anyone tell me if I leave this plant to self pollinate will I get fem beans off of it I’ve read some information on it but seems to be a few different views on it I’ve read that il get fem beans I’ve also read up that I’d have to let it pollinate a fem plant to get feminized beans does anyone hold the information I need i figured I may aswel try and put it to good use if I can that is

so after keeping a close eye on my girls I’m going to say I’m pretty sure their doing fine

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