Hermi or not need second opinion



noticed this in with my other girls separated it from the rest instantly as I’m unsure whether or not its a hermi anyone ever had this kind of growth???


yea,i can’t really tell @dibbz2 @Countryboyjvd1971 @Willd could anyone see this better?


you see that yellow in centre of the bud looks like nannas to me I’ve seen them turn and just have pollen sacks but I’m aware there’s another form of hermi I’ve just never came across it myself but this doesn’t look right to me


I have never dealt with this but I think you’re right. Some of the more experienced mentors here can tell you. @garrigan65 @Hogmaster @Majiktoker Fill out a "Support Ticket"


I’ll just use it for educational purposes it wasn’t a fem bean I only planted it to bulk up my numbers I do usually only use feminized the ones that was fem beans are doing fine haven’t had a problem and this is separated from them as of this morning I’m going to watch it for awhile before I destroy it learn a little from it first


Here is a close up. I see bananas. …


yeah I thought I was seeing them popping out its non save able aswel isn’t it!? first one I’ve come across to do this I’ve seen them grow bud and balls at the same time but this is a new one for me


I am in no way an expert. But from what I’ve heard is it is still usable. Cut off the sacs as they grow and you can use it for edibles.



I had the same shot and you have banannas


i thought it was when you have the balls separate from the bud you could cut them away but this type was pretty much useless but like yourself I’m by far no expert on this


Sorry but you gotta give it the chop.


I’ve never seen anything like this in the bud itself. Is this due to stress?



Yes, that could have been the cause.



Wow, knew it could show herme at stem but never would of thought at bud.



Yes it sure can.



Stupid question but would you see signs on stem before bud was involved? Also if you pull a herme before seeding is the thc still high?


i don’t think this was from stress I think was more bad genetics only basing this on the fact everything else is fine apart from this one and it just so happens that this was from a seed found in seedy weed bought from the streets my others where fem beans and all are doing great, I’m not saying stress can’t cause a plant to hermi tho I’ve caused it to happen but had pollen sacks on that one wich is way faster at spotting then this type @garrigan65 what’s the chances this has pollinated my other plants it had 24hours in which to do so will they still be good or should I start from scratch??


I’m going to be so bummed if I’ve ruined my babies



What i should have said was " YES IT CAN " but not in this case.

The answer to your question…" I DON’T BELIEVE IT DID " You’ll have to keep checking your plants until your satified it did not.