Hermed gelato plant

Grew some gelato and lsd, the gelato Hermed on me very late in grow and lsd did get mildly pollinated. Now I know I can’t use the seeds from the gelato, my question is can I use the seeds from the lsd due to the fact that it wasn’t the plant that hermed. Would those seeds be safe in possibly creating gelato lsd strain?

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Other way around. The gelato is more likely to produce hermie seeds. The lsd should be feminized seeds

He is correct. He said the seeds from the lsd. I’d call it "liquid cream "


You’re right, completely misread that. Thought it read the gelato seed can be used.



Thanks y’all! Yeah i just wasn’t sure about planting them seeds from the lsd. That would be a potent strain at 50/50 indica/sativa. Wonder if it’s been created yet

The pollen is capable of carrying herm trait. They should all be feminized seeds, but will also be more prone to produce herms than if breed with pollen from a male plant.