Herme? Can't tell

Not sure, didn’t see any balls on the branches but this is in a felt pot outside. It was infected with mites, the mites are gone now but the buds look weird.

I just picked a seed out of one of the buds. Some cloudy, few crystals, can I harvest it and use for cannabutter?

For sure you can harvest and use for canna butter or even cure and dry it and smoke it
It doesn’t look like a hermi to me but the image does get blurry when blown up and I’m running with my glasses today lol

Thanks, will do!

do I need to hang the plant and dry it before making cannabutter?

Or throw it in the oven for 30min at 220 degrees


Drying it will help remove the grassy flavor of raw weed, but it’s not absolutely necessary if you’re going to cook with it asap.