Hermaphrodity plants

at what point do plants give out pollen… the thing is im at the end of a grow and i have just put the next 12x12 light sycle in with the end off the last grow but i have notices there are some hermies in there and i wonder if i should carry on with new grow now that i know there has been some pollen at some point

A photo of the pollen sacs would be telling.


If a plant releases pollen the only sure way to be rid of it is to wipe down the walls of the tent/room.

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i will post some pics tonight but the question is with the plants that have been in there for 2 weeks on 12 12 be ok if i give a good clean

thank you for your help on this one i just dont want to have to start again from scratch

It even has seeds some seeds

Your plant(s) are not ruined. They will be less potent because energy was expended to produce those seeds. You don’t want to plant those seeds because you will increase your chances of getting another hermie.

those plants are done with now oldmarine but i have 21 more that have been in the same room for 2 weeks at the start off flower stage

let me know what you think keystonecops

The hermaphroditic plant pictured has already released millions of pollen spores. You can assume every pistilate flower has been pollinated already, and that pollen is all over your house.

It’s fine. Seeded herb isn’t less potent; the yield will be lower, and you’re going to need to remove seeds. But it’s fine.

I’d determine why this happened because I would want to prevent it from happening again.

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so the new plants have no pistles as yet and there were only 2 out of 22 that had the seeds in my old now gone crop so if i get cleaning will this new crop be ok ?

i bought some stuff that i sprayed on the plants to meke sure they are female