Hey, bud! :wave:


Haha :rofl: hello from Greece.


What do you think guys, I must cut it off???


Is that the main stem? Where is that part growing from? The ground? Or a branch?


It’s one of the main stems. It’s coming from the ground…
It’s in the middle of the main stem and they spread up and down on the main stem and makes the small branches to die…
I must cut it off?


The white powder is a fungicide I use …


I have no idea whats going on there my friend maybe start a new topic with a support ticket


My friend I found what the fuck is that on the stem…
It’s botrytis…
I cut the main stem but it showed up to the buds…
Like this photo…


What do you think about harvest time???


Have you chopped her? Checke trich’s with a loupe?


Do you now any organic solution for caterpillar :bug:???


Ive heard BT recommended around here ALOT. I wouldnt recommend spraying on ur buds but i believe ive read it is safe. Just me being me… ive always used food grade de. Apply 1/2-1 inch to topsoil after watering. And a light dusting of your babygirl. N keep a close vigilant watchful eye on her


Thanks man :pray:


Looking better my brother?


Hey bro.
Everything going good accept the caterpillars who are so very hungry…
I chose not to spray because at the end of the month I will cut them.
of course I have some losses but I think it will be better for me not to spray but they want daily control.
Every day i killing at least 7-10 caterpillars :bug:


I need better magnifying…


Yes. You and me both man. But those buggies are bad news. Keep a close eye. And if its getting close and rosky chop her. Can i see full plant photo? And do you plan on another grow?


This is my plants :seedling:


Wow!!! That thing is a freaking monster! How tall is she!!! WOW


2,5 meters :sunglasses:
I think it will go over a 1,2kg…