From what did these marks appear in my plant leaf???
Do you think it’s an insect? Or some fungus or what?
Any ideas :bulb:???


Did something get sprayed on it? It’s either chemical burn, lensing from water droplets causing burns, or some insect I have yet to learn about. Let’s see what some pros say!


Can you post a close up?


I haven’t close photos now …
Tomorrow i am going to seen my plants and I will take some closer photos …
Thanks for your time.:v:


No problem! I look forward to seeing them. :v:


Here we are …


Looks like leaf septoria:

“you may try spraying the site with essential oil combinations with cinnamon, coriander, neem, sesame or clove.”
It’s a fungus, maybe too wet in the area? I think @FloridaSon used a leaf blower to help dry up the plant and prevent mold/fungus after a bunch of rain he was getting.

I may be way off, but they look pretty healthy, otherwise.


yes it was in my thoughts this possibility …
Your help is priceless for me …
Really thanks you.
Send me your address and if is everything going good at the end i will send you a bud :grin::grin::grin:

Very wet for sure…
It’s a swamp area so you can imagine…
A lot of problems especially with fungus.
So if you leave it like this may I have problems with the buds???
Sorry for so much questions but I am first time grower.
And sorry for my English it’s terrible…:joy:


Totally against the rules, but I appreciate the sentiment. YOU enjoying those buds is enough for me :+1:

I would remove the affected leaves, if it’s not more than a third or so of your leaves, and then use the suggested solutions in the article. I hope you get it under control and get her to harvest :v:


Ohhh I am sorry for braking the rules.
Thanks again for everything.
I will let you now how they’re going.
I will apply your advice and tell you about the results.


Happy to help :v:


Lol…not me, but that’s funny!

Get a magnifying glass of some sort and check each leaf very well. I’m thinking Russet mites. If you can eliminate them as a possible source, look to a fungus.

1 part alcohol to 9 parts water…


the same solution is active for spider mites???


From all the reading I’ve done, yes. It should kill them on contact. SM-90 would be better to use, but that is a cheap fix.

One treatment should kill the adults on the plant, but you will need to repeat the treatment a few days later and then again a few days after that to make sure you get all the eggs that may hatch.


How are ur plants doing @Sakiq


Is going good except for a plant that has some kind of fungus in the center stem and dry the peripheral stems.
I sprayed it with a systemic fungicide…
slowed it down but did not kill it.
Here is some photos.


This photos is from a week before…
Now at this time unfortunately I have cut off all four stems that you see on the photos because is drying off…:sob::sob::sob:


Was it at the location where you removed a fan leaf? Did it peel down the stem? I’ve read you should always cut leaves rather than pulling, to avoid them peeling off like that. Could the open stem “wound” have allowed the fungus or whatever it was in? I’m just thinking out loud, maybe it helps.


It is sometimes better to just off a few stems instead of risk the whole plant. Or worse yet entire crop. Happy to see they are still growing though. Just looking thru old threads and had to :eyes: in


“Say hello to my little bud”