I think is the same seed with the hermi …
I didn’t buy those seeds… I just found it in a good pot I am buying…
I want to believe is going good…
we will see…
Thanx for the advice, I appreciate it.


I want to believe it…
We will see…
Thanx for everything.


I found what is those little bastards.
I think it’s termites.
One photo is mine and the other it’s from ”bugs guide”.
Seems the same …
They can make to my plants big problems???


I feel your pain brother, the same thing happened to me a couple weeks ago. Mine was also from a bagseed. I had two outside plants, only one hermed. Hope you have some backup. :smile:


I started with 15 plants in the pot. Three of them died in the pot.Two of them was ruderalis, three of them was male, one of them hermaphroditism…
So lucky…:joy::joy::joy:
Now only 5 have left and I have found a fungus in one…
4 as well… and I have termites in the ground…:v:
I really don’t know what will happen to the end…:unamused:


Seems like my bagseeds days story :slight_smile: once 1 start 54 seeds and come down to 1 :wink:


Wow. Absolute horrible luck. It will look up tho. And happy you found the critter type. I sure wonderd


I feel you bro…:joy:
Better luck next time.:v:


For sure bud luck.
This site (I❤️GM) and the advice of you and all the other users helps me so much. Thanx guys.
I will probably have many other challenges to deal with so stay tuned…:joy:


Termites you say? @Sittingbull64

It’s a shame. (S)He looked great, otherwise.


Termites for sure, and bad part is nothing you can so this late in the game @sakin


Lost 2 same size this year to termites @Sakiq


Dang man. Major bummer.


I don’t loss it by termites. I take it of because it’s hermaphroditism and I spot termites in the roots…
You say you lost 2 by termites this year.
What is the symptoms by termites?
To see if I spot something on my plant.
Let me now. Thanx.


The Termites could have stressed them to hermi.


It will just start to die, dropping leaves, leaves turning yellow, and the termites may have caused it to herm on ya


until the end of its cycle the plant is sure it will die if it has termites or it may be able to finish?
about two months have fallen for harvest and I have not seen any visible signs of termites in the remaining plants but it’s in the same soil same place so I’m worried…


You may make it…I’ve seen it happen before…good luck


I wish for that…


how long before Harvest i must cut fertilizer ( not organic)???