Planted started in 12/12 HPS blooming lamp in tent Started female and though small, it was loaded with buds, creamy pistils until about a week or so ago, the pistils started disappearing and these pod-like banana shaped things began to predominate. I decided tonight that this plant had hermaphrodtised? There were several times when the dark was interrupted (but I kept the light dim and indirect, nothing bright nor focused nor prolonged. But I guess could be enough to have caused this if it is indeed hermie event. I am a beginner, this is third harvested plant.

From what i see it looks to be ok



I Don’t see any nanners either… :wink:

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I’ll try to post other pics (again)


A couple more. The white pistils quit sprouting and these pod-like things instead, which looked like I’d expect seed pods to look. This is about two weeks sooner than I planned to harvest so even if I messed up the product promises to be potent.

Those will be swollen calyxes… I still don’t see any hermi flowers in your pics… :wink:
Hermie flowers will look like 2 bananas side by side and will be a bright yellow and will be coming right out of the buds… you will know it when you see them because they will look like nothing else on the plant and they will be very sparse , only here and there… not everywhere… :wink:
It could be an early sign of seeds… squeeze one open and see what comes out… if it is a baby seed pod I doubt that it will harm the out come of your grow at this point… if your harvesting in a week or 2… :wink:
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This plant and three others came from seeds I found in Blue Power buds bought at a large well-known distributor. So I started growing for the fun of it. I have one more still blooming. Got some seeds from ILGM and have a Girl Scout Cookie blooming also.