Hermaphroditism possibly?

Please help you guys, I don’t know if my plant hermied or not. Shes taken two extra weeks (#13) now to finish and these things are popping open, don’t know what happening

i dont see what you mean… looks like she is still putting out new buds…

I’d that’s all it is the awesome love it, but after doing some reading I’m worried because of all these new pistils popping out after some have been amber for weeks now

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More likely “fox tails” than hermie action. Pictures in natural light would help confirming that. How are your temps and light distance from canopy?

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For sure foxtailing. Mine do it alot in my spare bath i grow autos in. It gets pretty warm back there and they all seem to shoot foxtails but as long as u get the plant when tails are matured it will still be killer smoke. If too much white hairs when u harvest cut off the foxtail as it will have the fresher greener taste to them.

Yep all I see are a couple foxtails but it is hard to see in blurple lights. Some strains just foxtail because it’s in their generics but light and heat stress can cause it to happen. This is what you have to watch for

Temps go from 79/80 with lights on to 67/70 with lights off lights are 19” from top buds and about 23” from lower buds

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Y’all are saving me so much worry and confusion thank you guys


Being that hott with light on is probably a good reason why. Mine do it later on flower also if i dont keep a window open to keep the heat oit some. Ill open a window and have a fan blow cold air towards that roomtry and keep the temps at 75 or below and it might not do that on next grow. Try and maybe put a fan directly even with the light on one side and have the fan blow the heat away from the plant maybe. Ive tried a bumch but getting away from the blurples helped a whole lot lol. It still will get warm depending on what all i do or if i forget lol but staying 75 or lower seems to be okay so far

I was under the impression that 80 was an acceptable max temp from my researching pre grow. Thank you for the wisdom and guidance

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