There is no remedy for hermies other than don’t grow seeds made from hermies and watch out for the environmental factors that can cause hermies - don’t have any light leaking into your grow space during the dark period and avoid overly stressing the plants (heat, bad nutrition, etc…).

If 1 out of 21 plants was showing signs of hermie in early flowering than I push that plant down the garbage disposal or throw in my compost bin, ditch it so it doesn’t pollinate your other plants.


Exactly :point_up::point_up::arrow_up::arrow_up:

yes got rid of the hermi but todasy i also scrogged the plants which are in 3 hydro tanks and i also cut off the bottom leaves and the small branches. so would it be fare to say i have caused them way too much stress ?

i thank you for your advice too

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i have some ok stuff but still not getting it right and this is my first time scrogging


Looking good to me.

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cheers buddy

i just wonder if trimming the bottoms and leveling it out all in one night has stressed the girls too much?

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I don’t think so. A lot of growers defoliate through out the grow, including until the end of flowering.
This helps remove the larf before it begins. Not sure about you, but I hate trimming.

what is larf

are you having a larf lol

bed time here so ill wish you a good one and thanks again kidda