has any one used switch optic folier tp prevents male plants and whats your thoughts please

Can you explain a little on that?

i have just cut a crop with 5 out of 21 plants hermies but i have a new crop in the same room i have bleached and used this stuff but i did notice that 1 out of the new 21 plants was changing to mail even though they were female seeds. so second week into bloom i used this switch

its bed time where i am but thanks for your reply

I don’t think that I have seen any spray the prevents hermaphroditism. If you have a better description I can tag some folks and we’ll research it the best we can.

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If your room is prone to hermies it’s more than likely a light leak of some kind


could this light leak be a red power on light ?

Could be. I put black tape over the LEDs on my tent appliances.

If there were a solution you can purchase that prevents hermies, then I would expect to see a lot of growers using it.

Yes. That’s fairly common. Other would be pinhole light leaks if you use a tent or leaky zipper

This is what @whatbuddyboy is talking about, I have no experience with it but it does claim to stop females from going hermie (or kills the plant from some of the reviews LOL).

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We’ve seen this before. I suspect that they’re using a PGR, which is allowed in fertilizer, without listing it. I wouldn’t use this, and I wouldn’t consume cannabis that had this applied.

I’ve never heard a company other than this one claim MPK stops hermaphroditism.


From the Q&A:


Can this prevent males or hermies, and give a better chance of female’s?


No, it is to be used when a plant has become stressed (under various circumstances), and begun to show both male & female traits. It stops the production of male flowers. It does not turn a male into a female nor should it be used to encourage “females only”

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I looked at some of the Q&A and it says it’s only to be used before flowering basically.

Secondly, anyone could mix this at home with phosphorus and potassium. This is literally all this is, at a very small amount. What your paying for is mostly water and someone else’s idea.

Aside from being basic fertilizer, I don’t think it’s a good idea to spray anything on the leaves to begin with, unless necessary.

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I struggle to understand how P and K stops the production of male flowers.

I’d call it snake oil.


Agreed, and to add to that, male flowers use the same elements to produce pollen.
Snake oil is a good term.


Same here.


sorry which would you not use keystoneCops

any ideas from you guys would be greatly appreciated

We’re all saying it sucks, is probably snake oil and that we would not use it on our plants.

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well it cost me £100 but never mind could you tell me what i could buy to remedy my issues Hellraiser