Dear god how did i not notice this sooner idk. Its my first grow, she’s the only one that looks like this and I’m terrified! What do i do

I have 6 plants in a 4x4 (to many plants i kno) Only the one GG#4 out of 4 plants has it. The other two are Bruce banner and their fine as well.


Pick those nanners off ASAP.


If you can segregate it I would also do that too. Just in case those burst


Yea i started to remove the sacks and then said screw it and removed her completely.


Did you kill the plant or just move it?? I would hate to see them burst and ruin your whole crop.


Removed her but ima bout to kill her in like 5 mins. She’s on my kitchen table away from my grow rooom


kill him, bag him up and get him as far away as possible. he can pollinate your plants from miles away


Dear god hah she’s in my kitchen trash which is under my cabinet inside.


get him out of the house


i guess its up to you how to deal with it, but how will you feel about a half measure when u find ur girls are preggers


Couldn’t agree more


at least tie the bag shut and put it outside in the garbage.