1 of my 5 plants looks different. Is it Ms. Hermina?

Week 6 since initiating flowering with 12-12 light (just took away extra light at night).

If it is a hermaphrodite, I understand I separate it out. Will it produce seeds? If so, will the seeds be feminized, hermaphrodite, or no way of knowing?

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I pointed the other one to this one.

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What strain is that? Are they fems?

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All five plants came from Feminized Durban Poison seeds. This one plant is flowering up differently.

The other plants are ready to Harvest (FWIW: week 6) as the Trichomes are clear-to-cloudy and a tiny few starting to look a little amber.

This shot is of the other plants’ typical bud shape… different than the one I’m wondering about… they don’t have the pistils coming out of developed pods…

The odd plant is also much smaller and less developed than the others…

Thanks again!

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I don’t see pollen sacs or bananas. Maybe I’m missing them. Crush a pod and see if it has a seed in it.

Could just be swollen calyx. Still white hairs so it’s actively flowering. If it seeded you’d know.

Can’t really tell from that pic

@Hoyt, I had a Sour Diesel spontaneously go to seed on me due to heat stress. A couple of things: the flowering shut down entirely and all of the pistils turned within 36 hours. The calyxes swelled with an obvious seed within about 48 hours. I had no male parts and 2 plants right next to it that completed fine, if somewhat early.

Just looks like a runt to me is it possible that she’s getting a little cast of light at night or indirect sun? The pics are outside so I’m assuming they are growing outdoors. It don’t look hermie just a little underdeveloped

I squeezed a few bracts or calyxes and found nothing firm inside. JUST A PUNGENT OOZE!!! :slight_smile:
There are no pollen parts that I can see anywhere on the plant.
We had about 4 days of very hot unseasonable weather and maybe that set off the bulging on one plant?

I’ll report in if there’s anything like seeds that appear.

**Fascinating that seeds can become noticeable in just 48 hours.


That’s a very good thing. Calyxes full of resin. Congratulations!

You mean like this? It was less than a foot tall. Fluffy bud? White Widow Auto.