Hermaphrodite...yes or no?


Hi, people! I am new here and I need your help. Is this a hermaphrodite?


It is difficult for me to say with certainty but my recent harvest had one plant with similar growth and mine definitely hermed in the last days of flower. I was fortunate to have caught it before the pollen was released. I would say yours is likely a herm as well.

Perhaps some more experienced growers will weight in.


Thank you. Should I put it out? Or I can harvest it before it releases pollen?


I would harvest immediately. Not worth the risk of leaving it. Also, you may want to isolate it so that if the pollen sacks open during the drying, you won’t pollenate the remaining plants in your room. That is, unless you want to have seeds.

Also, pollen in your room can be difficult to clean up and may affect several future grows.
You have some good looking buds there, @jovana, other than the balls.


Once more, thank you! it is only 5 weeks on 12/12h, is it too early to harvest it?


It is likely early but you really don’t want those sacks to open. I don’t harvest by time, I look at the trichomes. Mostly cloudy and just a few starting to turn amber is my criteria.

I am in the middle of my first harvest and did jump the gun by just a little bit.


I will do as you say


That is best. It is possible that your plant did not herm but it just isn’t worth the risk in my opinion. I would hate to corrupt my room with pollen and then have to sanitize the whole thing. Would take many hours. Also, the pollen can get on your clothes and in your hair and will spread everywhere.


Don’t cut that plant yet. Do u have better pics?


Can u pull one of the sacs off and open it up? What’s inside? Open it outside


It’s dark now in room, I will pull out tonight an I’ll tell you what’s inside


It could b nothing more than a calyx and that’s a good thing.


Ok, thank you, I’ll look it tonight.


It doesn’t look like nanners to me. I think it’s just a swollen bud calyx.


@Donaldj, @Countryboyjvd1971, @Bogleg, @FloridaSon - any thoughts?


I agree with your assessment.


I would agree and they look quite close to harvest so could give it the extra time to wait for clearer signs I don’t see nanners


See our comments. Plant looks fine. I would NOT harvest until ready.


Can you clarify where the swollen calyx your seeing is?

I know as a new grower I personally don’t know what your seeing so this person probably might not either. I know I need to do a lot more research on harvesting and the final stages of growth.


I think they knew Bc they took a close up of them. But I will gladly for anyone reading who needs to know. We forget sometimes that newer growers can get overwhelmed in all the terms.