Hermaphrodite? What to do

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Went to water this this morning and found that the electrical tape I had covering a small LED on my humidifier had partially come off.

After further inspection… On of my (assumed) autos had what I think was a hermaphrodite branch (Pic below). It was a lower insignificant branch right ght next to the exposed LED. I cut it off.

Is my assumption correct that the Pic below is a herm? The plant only has a few weeks left of flower. No other plants seemed affected. This is one of my best looking of the three.

Should I pull the plant I cut the herm branch from or can I continue with it?

You can cut it off, or you cut the whole plant down. You can be on watch from now until the end, but you’ll likely have more you don’t see somewhere.


That sucks, but you can just remove any male parts and continue growing it. DO NOT keep any seeds from it if you find any later, they will have a hermie tendency. I found this article awhile back and thought it was very good, it’s about plants sex and includes hermaphrodite. Like said be on the lookout for more male parts, removing entire branches is not necessary just be careful not to bust open the balls.
Good luck


I ordered another 4x4 tent and all the equipment for a veg tent … Now that I have my flower tent’s environment dialed in… I was going to use it initially for a drying tent… No closets or spare bathrooms available.

I think I will separate it out into that tent and watch it… The stuff is “out for delivery” if it develops more I will destroy it.

Thank you for all of your help!


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Sorry to hear that. I see some great growers chimed in and helped you out. All good recommendations. Good luck

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