Hermaphrodite question

I’m actually below a beginner. Happened to find a seed in some I recently bought. I grow tomatoes from seed, so decided to drop it in a peet pod and it sprang up. So, threw it in a pot and it grew. Bought some basic led lights off the internet and it is growing. Been doing a lot of research and I’m following the light cycles most suggest. I think it is a hermaphrodite. I have no other plants or any real prospects of getting any. Would it be ok to let this thing go and see what it produces? If there are buds, are they useable in any way? Thanks in advance.

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I’ve ripened hermies before. You’ll get smoke, you’ll just get less of it, have seeded weed, and it will be less potent. You can still harvest some reasonable smoke.

Hermies are common from bag seed.

If you have more than one plant I would get rid of it. You don’t want a hermie anywhere near your females.

Thank you for the feedback. I have no other plants. So, I will let this one do it’s thing. Would cutting the “balls” off as they develop possibly be a good play?

You can, but it may be difficult to keep up with them. You will likely have nanners (banana shaped male pollen stores) pop up on your flowers at some point too, making it even more difficult to keep up.

Here’s a picture of a nanner on the last hermie I harvested. She (it) actually made for some pretty good hash.

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