Hermaphrodite plants

Has anyone used a HERMI plant to create feminized seeds? Pollinating/fertilizing itself? Hmmmm

That’s how fem seeds are made. Usually using colloidal silver

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Yes. People use colloidal silver spray to hermie sections of a plant so that it creates male flowers and releases pollen. They then take that male pollen and pollinate a separate female plant to farm feminized seed.

I haven’t done it myself, but plenty of people do.

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I did it by accident, I missed some nanners on my (ironically) Banana Kush plant and got a bunch of seeds. I think she herm’ed because of low temperatures during lights off

I have grown those seeds twice and my neighbor grew them outside last year. Nice smoke and no issues with hermy-ing.

I wasn’t happy about the seedy weed at the time but if you could do it in a more controlled manner it would be a nice source of seeds

I’ve read that seeds from “nanners” or stress induced herms are most likely to create seeds that will be hermaphrodite plant itself so stay vigilant when using them seeds. I tested this theory and it seemed like it rang true 50/50 out of 4 plants

Thank you!

Appreciate the response!

I was thinking about the plant fertilizing/pollinating itself… the female flowers on a hermi??

I’ve heard that too but in this instance I haven’t had a single one out of 12+ plants.

I guess the moral of this story is YMMV

Not really a good idea to use hermied plants to generate fem seed. They sometimes carry the hermie trait through genetically and produce a high percentage of hermies. I’ve never had a seed from a hermie fail to produce another hermie, though I am only 2 for 2 on them.

People use colloidal silver to spray a female flower on one of their plants to artificially produce a male flower on an otherwise purely female plant.

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Very true. In my instance the pollen came from two pollen sacs on a otherwise all fem plant. It may be different with “nanner” pollen. Definitely will be looking to see if that’s the ticket. Thanks